Friday, January 25, 2008

Sometimes Two Heads Aren't Better Than One

Wow, I can't believe it's been that long since I've posted. Sheesh. It's been frightfully busy at work. I've basically taken on twice the workload (with increase in pay, thank you), but there's also driving involved and I'm just plain pooped! There really isn't enough time sometimes.

I am not a close follower of presidential politics. I stay informed, but I don't get off on watching every little sound bite and analyzing the day's races. This race in general is of particular interest to me because it's the first time women's issues have ever been primary during an election. White, middle-aged wealthy men don't care about teenage girls' reproductive rights or whether they get paid the same as the boys at McDonald's.

That said, there's this YouTube video of Hillary Clinton getting heckled:

"Iron my shirt." Isn't it pretty fucked up that that's the best he could do? I imagine he had this fantasy of "puttin' that bitch in her place," but he really just came off sounding like a dumbass. Is he criticizing her for anything in particular? No. He's trying to tell the world she has a vagina and isn't acting the way a person with a vagina is supposed to act.

I'm still not sure where this fear comes from, this fear that propels people to try to tear apart an entire gender. People really can't give a legitimate answer why Hillary deserves vilification. She isn't squeaky clean, but she doesn't eat babies (as far as I know). So, why the 'tude? Why is she the object of so much vitriol? Why is it so nasty? When a man is criticized, his performance is generally on the line. When a woman is criticized, her character is more often impugned.

Why her, in particular? This country has elected far less qualified individuals, they just all happen to possess penises and I can't figure out why that makes a person qualified for that job. I mean, there's that old joke that God gave men two heads and only enough blood to run one at a time, so wouldn't a president capable of maximum blood flow be the clear choice? Is it womb envy? Is the patriarchy so terrified of the awesome power that is Woman that it must tear her down at every opportunity, lest she come to her senses and rise up and take back the world?

Hoo! Sorry, I got a little carried away with the drama. Nobody really knows why this continues to happen. Stereotypes are notoriously resistant to amendment. Hell, when we get confounding information about a stereotype we hold, we create a subgroup rather than adjust our perspective. We really need our convenient mental categories. But why do they have to be so damaging?

Someone please explain this to me.